I started my fashion blog ItsNotThatDeep as an outlet for my love of fashion.
I've been featured on WhoWhatWear numerous times, Lucky magazine, Instyle and People Style Watch, as well as others.  All these features were based on my creative style and usually involved my fashion-forward pieces I would "find" while scouring second hand shops. Since then, I've received so much positive feedback and so many inquiries about all my vintage/thrifted finds, that this online shop just made sense.
I've found a lot of women are sick of what the malls have to offer.
They want special pieces, but don't necessarily have the time to hunt for them.
I have since opened a Brick and Mortar shop in Cornwall NY. 
Because I wanted the shop to feel "complete" I now offer a lot of "new" styles from select killer brands.
I only allow great fabrics and cutting edge styles, because as they say "Life's too short to wear boring clothes" Fabulous statement pieces that will never not be fabulous! 
Email any inquiries to